Stuffed Poblano's w/ White Almond Sauce, Queso Fresco, & Pomegranate Seeds

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This is one I saw on Diner's, Drive-Ins and Dives on the episode Peppers, Pork and Poutine Season 17 episode 5 from the Barrio Cafe in Phoenix AZ. I just had to recreate it for my husband. I will give you a run down on the ingredients but I just watched the episode on how to put it all together. The prep work is killer. There is a lot of chopping and peeling etc etc. So here is what goes into all of it! 


Olive Oil
White Wine
Heavy Cream


 Olive Oil
Kosher Salt
Red Onion
Dried Cranberry's
Dried Apricots
Golden Raisins
Tomato Paste
Red Wine


White Queso Fresco
Pomegranate Seeds

And of course you need your poblano's roasted and peeled prior to stuffing! There ya have it. If I can do it anyone can. I an no chef!

September 2013 Birch Box Review

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This isn't usually my style but I vloged this one so i'll include the link down below if your interested. Otherwise here is the short version.

What you'll get in the September

First Impressions: smaller box than I thought I was getting and super tiny sample however I did have a coupon code with 50 Birch Box points and it only takes 100 to get a free box so essentially it was 50% off making it $5.

Value: Almost every single one of these items is going for $5 on ebay making it a $25 dollar value. I believe the nail polish is full sized, everything else is a sample size/travel size.

Verdict: My next box should be free after my reviews so I will be trying this again next month and then make my decision. Like the BB cream and lip balm but don't use nail polish and not to excited about getting shampoo and conditioner.

Bacon Wrapped Jalapeno Stuffed Shrimp

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I can't exactly go taking credit for this recipe as it was something my MIL had us help prepare on one of our camping trips. Trust me we didn't cook like this when we went camping when I was growing up but I love the idea. I forgot to take pictures after everything was cooked so you'll have to forgive me and maybe next time around I'll remember. 

What You'll Need

2 Jalapeno's (seeds removed & sliced into 1/8 inch strips or smaller)

21 Large Shrimp (shelled & veins removed)

7 Slices of Bacon (cut into 3 equal sections)


Parmesan (optional) 

As you can see its pretty easy. You just need to place the jalapeno slice where the vein use to be and the wrap the bacon around to hold it into place. Then slide in onto the skewer. Cooking time will vary depending on the thickness of your bacon and what kind of grill your using. You can roll them into Parmesan before putting them on the grill if you like. I chose not to this time because I was making a green chili sauce to go on the side. We did these on our George Foreman grill but it worked just fine when we did them at our camp site. Happy Grilling!