September 2013 Birch Box Review

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This isn't usually my style but I vloged this one so i'll include the link down below if your interested. Otherwise here is the short version.

What you'll get in the September

First Impressions: smaller box than I thought I was getting and super tiny sample however I did have a coupon code with 50 Birch Box points and it only takes 100 to get a free box so essentially it was 50% off making it $5.

Value: Almost every single one of these items is going for $5 on ebay making it a $25 dollar value. I believe the nail polish is full sized, everything else is a sample size/travel size.

Verdict: My next box should be free after my reviews so I will be trying this again next month and then make my decision. Like the BB cream and lip balm but don't use nail polish and not to excited about getting shampoo and conditioner.


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