DIY Storage Bed

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It's actually been over a year since I built this bed for my 7 year old but it's held up beautifully. I initially built the bed with the intention of my grandmother moving in with us and sharing a room with our daughter. Sadly, we were unable to make that happen. In the mean time, though, my daughter has gotten a lot of use out of this very practical bed and its a great space saver for any room!

I already had a Closet Maid 6 cube organizer  so I only had to purchase 1 more along with (2) 8 cube organizers to accommodate a twin sized mattress.  I was also fortunate to be able to sell her prior bed frame, Ikea cube organizer, and other items. So I highly recommend selling what you can from the room during your revamp to help pay for your project. It allowed me to spend very little out of pocket. 

The 4 cube organizers are not perfectly lined up, as you can see above. This is because a 8 cube organizer on each end is too wide, but the 6 cube organizer is too small. So since mine would be against a wall I off set my 8 cube organizer by 4-6 inches and made sure that the part of the bed that would be showing was flush. 

An advantage to this bed is that you don't just get the cube storage but under the bed storage. This bed allows me to store her baby items, her small 4 ft Christmas tree, artwork, baby blankets, etc. 

Another plus is that long board games can also fit! Closet Maid only gives you 3 cube backings so some of your cubes are open in the back. This allows us to store longer board games. 

Okay, back to the construction. I made sure to connect the cube storage at each corner. You'll want to pre-drill your holes because these split very easily. 

I covered the bed opening with a 1/8" hardboard but depending on your child's age, weight, etc., you may want to use plywood. 

I then fit each cabinet with 1" x 1" brackets from Walmart, using foam mounting tape from the Dollar Tree, which fit perfectly. You can click the links to see exactly what i'm talking about at each store. 

Or you can use the included hard wear and screw them in but I wanted to be able to sell the cubes down the road so I didn't want to make the brackets permanent. 

I used my tape measure to center them and then recessed them about an inch into the cabinet. 

Again the backless cubes are great for games and books that are too long for the typical cube size.

Next I cut 1/8" hardboard (the same board they make pegboards out of) into 11" squares. I actually had Sutherlands cut the sheet into strips so they would fit into my vehicle better, then I cut them to size using a utility knife. I secured a 3/8" screwhole plug in the center of each square with wood glue. Once dry I primed and painted half of the doors purple and the other half blue using spray paint. 

Once the doors were dry I attached round magnets using E6000. I was using very thin magnets that I found at Walmart (shown here), however, I found that they were too thin and I need to replace the magnets with a standard size round craft magnet. 

And that's it! I found it was a much cheaper way to make a storage bed with doors like this rather than doing hinges. 

For storage bins I went to the Dollar Tree and they have these 9x9x8" bins that fit perfectly. You standard Closet Maid bins will not longer fit since we recessed our 1" corner brackets. 

To get into the bed I found this tall foot stool at TJ Maxx but she doesn't even use it anymore and just climbs in. 

I decorated the wall with some cheap items I found in the clearance isles at TJ Maxx and Target. 

Then we invested in and Ikea desk which is much cheaper in store if you can get to one. The stool is an Ikea NILSERIK which I tried in store and absolutely love. 

For her closet I found sheer material at Walmart and made a curtain that matched the wall. 

For her windows I went with these cut to size paper type blinds for only $9 each. 

And that completes the look! Like I said, I did this project over a year ago and this is a current picture, so it has held up really well! It holds her books, board games, toys, etc. It has really left her room mess free and she loves it. 

* This post is not sponsored and I paid for all the materials myself. All Amazon links are affiliate links which means if you use the link to purchase that item I will get a small percentage from Amazon through their affiliate program. 

Play Kids Explorer Box Review

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UPDATE: While scrolling through my facebook feed I saw a link for PlayKids Explorer with a 15% discount (box only, not shipping) so can click here. I do not get any compensation from this. I have no idea how long it will last.

I'm always look for activities for me and my daughter to do, and she loves science, so when this popped up as an ad on my Facebook feed I couldn't resist. PlayKids Explorer is a STEM based subscription box for ages 1-10 (although I can't see a kids under 4 getting much out of it). Each box is created by child education specialist and curated to each age group. This box is for a 7 year old and costs $15.95 a month plus $6.00 in shipping, which I paid for myself. There a unfortunately no coupon codes, even though they have a place to enter them, and there is no referral program.

Your first box includes a cardboard brief case, and activity book, a DIY paper craft, a passport and stickers (first kit only), "The Super Guide for New Explorers," (first kit only), magic cards with quiz cards & one coloring access card, a personalized book, and access to their app.

First up, my daughter really likes the brief case and she can use some of this stickers to decorate it. 

The beginners guide doesn't really tell you any vital information. It simply tells you how the company got started and I learned more from looking through the material myself. 

The passport is beyond cute! Make sure to keep track of it because you only get one. I would really like to see on future boxes the option to order another one in case we ever loose this one. Each adventure has its own stamp you place in the passport and then on the next page (not pictured) you can draw what you liked best about the adventure. The extra stickers are great for the brief case or to help illustrate their drawing. 

The activity book is really great! Your first activity will be the DIY paper craft, so it took me a while to find the instructions. Its very hands on and this isn't a subscription box you can just hand to your kid and expect them to do it all themselves. 

My daughter loved the DIY paper craft but she needed a lot of help. Remind your little ones to hold pieces at the base next to the tab. My daughter had a habit of holding them at the top and pressing down which caused the little tabs to bend. The base and water piece will require an adult to assemble. My daughter also said she would have liked a few fish to pop out and play with in the little reef, and their was plenty of room left on the paper that they could have done that.

The DIY paper craft is cute but I have a few tips to make your life easier. To attach the top and base you'll want to use your finger to press down right next to the number slot you are sticking the side piece to (as pictured below). Its a very tight squeeze because you already have one tab in that slot when you assembled the base. Also, not everything is number, particularly the island and the very top of the water. 

The magic cards are really neat and require the use of the their free app which is available on android and itunes. Once the PlayKids app is installed it will ask you for your email/username and password. Your password is a code they send you when you first subscribe to the box so make sure you hold on to the code. The code will also be your password to log in to their website to view your subscription information. 

Half of the cards you receive will be magic cards while the other half will be quiz cards with 3 difficulty levels. 

To use your magic cards you will log into the PlayKids app and click on the Explorer image (pictured above). The app will access your camera which you hold over each card. 

The images are pretty cool and the app downloads each card so your kids do not require internet access when they are out of the house. However, that can eat up a lot of your storage space. 

It took a little playing around to find out that the images, once they've come to life, can be displayed anywhere. 

We were even able to make it appear as if my daughter was holding the jelly fish!

You will also receive one coloring card which unlocks coloring pages specific to this adventure. Kids can color other pages prior to receiving the box but this card unlocks pages previously unseen by your child. 

The last, and my favorite, thing you will receive is a custom book for your child. You get to create your child's avatar when you sign up and put in their name. Their custom avatar appears throughout the book and each new box you receive will be your child in a new adventure. The only issue is that if you have more than one child you can not feature multiple children in the same book. For me that's not an issue but I can see why it would be really nice for families with multiple children. 

Overall it was a great experience and I believe we will be getting more in the future. Although they said it would take up to 30 days to arrive after purchasing, it only took 10! I was shocked to see it in the mail. There are so many activities and I believe it is well worth the price. I also video taped her reaction and you can view it here.

My New Craft Station/Office

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Over the course of about week, I constructed my new craft station/office. I have been wanting a new place to craft where I had access to everything and I didn't have to constantly fight to keep clean. 


My free-range rabbit is cute but trying to do clay and keep it clean with any animal in the house is a pain. So I had to use a screen and constantly clean. 

You can also see it was a pretty small area and my IKEA laptop desk was just too small. 

 So I set to find a large affordable desk I could work on but honestly a lot of them were either not deep enough, too expensive, or impractical for my purposes. So I build this beauty for under $50!

I used this tutorial from Instructables, but I made some major tweaks. First off I already had enough straight PVC pipe which was a major cost saver. The Instructable uses a hallow door which would have given me good depth but too much width at 8 ft long. So instead I chose to use plywood cut to 2 ft x 5 ft. The entire sheet of plywood was $20 but that allowed me enough plywood to double layer it for my desk, make shelves for a printer cart, and I still have enough plywood for a Lego tray for my daughter. So I only used about $13 worth of plywood. I attached 1" x 2 " boards around the edge of my table so that I could secure the 1" x 4" pieces around the edge without screws showing. The second layer of plywood hides the screws I used to attach my 1" x 2" boards and is secured with wood glue and 1/2" screws. I sanded the entire piece and applied Antique White stain and 2 coats of polyurethane. The PVC pipe is painted with Folk Art Metallic in Gun Metal. 

My Peg board is something I already had but I wanted to update it a little so I used Martha Stewart Chalkboard Paint in Gray and then finished the board with some white trim. I did a little sign but it was so late at night, plus I had already taken my sleeping pills, that I spelled Designs wrong, ha ha! So I will be redoing it. 

The printer cart was my final project because I desperately needed somewhere to store my shipping supplies. I looked everywhere but most carts were going to cost me at least $30 and more. So I bought some 2" x 2" boards for my 4 legs, used plywood for my shelves, and reinforced each shelf with 1" x 2" boards I already had. The 4 casters cost me $5 at Sutherlands and the 2" x 2" boards cost me $5 so I ended up only spending $10 on the cart. The top and bottom of the cart are secured with 2" screws and the middle shelf is supported by 2" corner brackets. Nothing fancy just functional. 


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