About Me

Hi everyone my name is Liz and I'm a stay at home mom, wife, college student, and freelance genealogist. I have a B.A. in History and I'm currently working on my M.A. in American History. As a history student I am highly analytical but that's not a side I want to reveal in my blog. This blog is a break, although a lot of work, from my other responsibilities. I started this blog 5 years ago under the title Motherhood: Finishing with Grace and thought I was headed in the direction of mommy blogging but I was never really a mommy blogger. At the time it felt like that was all I could blog about since I was a mom but over the years I've found I like to blog about many many things. As far as my blog title go's if you find that you like my blogging style, then its ironic, if you're not a fan then I'm simply honest! 

I am now going through the journey of switching my products over to cruelty free ones and hopefully my reviews will be helpful to anyone else attempting to make that switch. I am not a vegan and neither are my recipes. For some, those two things go hand in hand, but I hope you'll give my blog a chance. 


  1. This is my first day on this 3 day diet. wondering how one loses weight with amount of food that is combined in each meal. I am always stuffed after each meal. I was so stuffed from lunch that I didn't want to eat dinner. I had to force myself to finish each meal. This can't be good could it? I also feel that I'm gaining weight.

    1. I had trouble eating all the food on the second day but not the first. The first day is only about 800 calories. I had to force myself by the third day but I would force yourself so much that you make yourself sick. I'd weigh yourself tomorrow and see how you are doing.

  2. Me and my sis are doing the diet results to

  3. I lost 4 pounds and my sis lost only 2