Tasty Shopping in Denver

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Last summer I had to opportunity to stop and stay a night in Denver, to and from Durango. So on our way back we stayed in the Capital Hill District . We were able to rent a very nice one bedroom apartment for $76 using airbnb. Check out the end of this post for my $25 off coupon for airbnb. Anyways, before we even started our trip I scouted out cool places to shop and eat. Since we were only staying one night, each time we passed through town, I wanted to make sure we did as much as we could. When I found The Truffle Cheese Shop  I couldn't wait to go and both my husband and I are huge cheese fanatics.

The Truffle Cheese Shop

The Truffle Cheese Shop is located on E 6th Ave in Denver and we found a parking spot right away.

The selection was out of this world and I felt like I was back in Europe!

They had dried pastas, spreads, chocolates, sodas, and macaroons. Basically everything for a picnic!

Even the picnic basket to carry it all in. But our main objective was cheese.

And boy did they have plenty of it! More than I could ever hope to try but my husband had his share.

I can happily say that the money we saved on a hotel room was put to good delicious use.

And we took our bread, olives, cheese, and pepperoni back to the apartment for our evening cap. I'm happy to say we were able to transport our purchase back home with a cooler. It was a 10 hour trip and everything, with ice of course, fared very well. 

Apothecary Tinctura

It just so happened that right next to The Truffle Cheese Shop was the Apothecary Tinctura. To say that I'm a tea enthusiast would be putting in lightly. So when I saw this place I had to check it out.

They had bath and body products, essential oils, diffusers, pre-made teas, all in a inviting atmosphere.

The big win for me was there awesome selection of loose herbs for tea making. I went overboard, to say the least, and next time I hit up a spot like this I'm bringing a list! The prices were very reasonable and I've made some excellent tea combinations since.

You can see on the counter I was already building a large stash.

So I came home a very happy girl and even found some Lavender Water to use as a facial toner or to add to my tea. 

If you aren't already signed up for airbnb give it a go because it will save you a good amount of money. This is my link for $25 off when you sign up HERE. That's how I got our rental for $76 was by using another users link. 


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