Lost 10 lbs on Keto, Now Onward to Zero Carb!

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I've been on the Keto Diet for almost 3 months now and lost 10 lbs in the first month. I kept track of everything that went into my mouth, and it was exhausting to say the least. I wanted very badly to eat whatever I liked but I couldn't kick the habit of counting macros along with calories. Eating however much I wanted didn't work for me, I had to use a keto calculator to determine how many grams of fat, protein, carbs, and fiber I should be getting within a set amount of calories. I worked very well at first but I was never able to get below a certain weight. Every once in a while I would dip a few more pounds only to find them back on a few days later, and I'm not one to fluctuate on the scale. So I continued to eat Keto because I enjoyed it and the few times I cheated, out of laziness not cravings, I felt terrible. However, I've experienced no further weight loss. Before you even say it I'll point it out, my BMI is perfect according to the CDC at 21.3. I am not overweight but that does not mean I feel my best, and no I'm not looking to be underweight. 

For a little throwback Thursday, this is me at 17 at 118 pounds with a BMI of 17.9 which isn't even on the scale. I wasn't trying to be that thin and was not longer anorexic. The day I gained 10 lbs was the proudest of my life. But this girl ate junk. I loaded up on carbs galore, and being a picky eater, ate mostly potatoes, rice, pasta, and bread. I could go a whole week without touching meat and even my vegetables were starchy, my ultimate favorite being peas. So I understood that skinny didn't equal healthy and healthy doesn't equal skin and bones. I have no desire to be 118 pounds again for multiple reasons but mostly I like wearing adult clothes and have no desire to shop in the junior department ever again! But I am disappointed that I couldn't reach my goal of 137, my pre-baby weight. The more I thought about it the more I realized I had felt uncomfortable at 137 as well. A nice 10 lb gain after meeting my husband and too many margaritas. So I've concluded that 127 with a BMI of 19 (a normal BMI) would suit me just fine, if only to motivate me to go until I'm comfortable. So now begins the journey of zero carbs.

I have no intention of being zero carb and eating only meat, eggs, and dairy for the rest of my life. I enjoy almost every fruit and vegetable on the planet and would give up that part of my diet for the rest of my life. But a short period of time couldn't hurt. Today was the first day and I am not eating the amount of meat that everyone else does. Its too much! So I'm not sure if that will affect me but I can't imagine sitting down to a meal and eating 3 burgers in one sitting. I also have no intention of working my way up to that. I will say this though, I'm so glad I found Keto and am finally free of my carb cravings! Its great! So I don't see myself going through this short stint of ZC and falling off the wagon because I can't have bread or pasta. Once I'm where I'm happy I will slowly reintroduce fruits and veggies with a carb limit of 15 g where I was before. Maybe 30 g if I can handle it. But for now let the Zero Carb journey begin!


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