Petit Vour April 2015 Unboxing

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 I'm so excited about this months box! The funny thing is, I'm actually swapping 2 of the items in my box but one item made it totally worth it. The box costs $15 a month with free shipping for US residents and the greatest thing is, if you find something you like, you can order it from their website and get free shipping. The free shipping has saved me a lot of money on the items I have fallen in love with. But enough about that, lets get into the box.

I'm not a nail polish kind of gal but when I saw this color I had to try it. I'm converted! The reason I hate nail polish so much is that it streaks on me like crazy, never lasts, and just down right looks awful. This is a very thick polish that even the novice can quickly master. I almost didn't need a second coat. I read many reviews that complained about quick chipping but this is not something I've experienced. I'm on 4 days and looking good. The added bonus is that this is a 5-free nail polish, vegan and cruelty free. $18 is a bit high but I had to try their color Venic Beach Venus and was able to get it from the for $15 with free shipping using a coupon code. Still high but it was totally worth it. 

Full Size 1.7 oz $45  Sample Size 0.25 oz $6.62 in color Fair

I've been with Petit Vour for over a year now and I'm starting to get tired of empty promises of soon to come complexion profiles. I keep getting very very light products that I cannot use, as have many others. I do not want to try something that is too light for me to wear. Its a waste! So I will be trading this like I should have done with the Juice Beauty CC Cream I recently received. 

I religiously use these type of sponges and at first I was going to trade it because I can't see a string on the sponge but after watching a few reviews I can see it does have a string to hand it on. I hate sponges that do not have a string to hang them by, like Eco Tools Konjac Sponge. It feels very unhygienic to lay your sponge down while its wet and then pick it up the next morning only to find that the underneath is still wet. 

Full Box of 12 $8.99

I haven't decided if I am trying these or not yet. I would never pay that much for travel towelettes and typically carry a thing of makeup wipes from Alba when I travel. However, I do like that these are not just makeup wipes. They work on your face and for freshening up your lady garden. That's right! I called it your lady garden, ha ha. If its that gentle then these should be perfect for those with sensitive skin. 

Total Value: $37.91

My Petit Vour Order

When you subscribe to Petit Vour you can give product ratings on their site which gives you PV points. Every time you rate a product you get 25 PV points. So you can typically get 100 PV points per box. This is not always the case but more often than not they include all the products in their shop. You also get points based on the value of your purchase. You receive 200 PV points for every $10 you spend. You can redeem your points in a $15 off (1,500 PV points) or $25 off (2,500 PV points). I was able to use a $15 off so I got this cleanser for $20 with free shipping. 

Most people will tell you not to spend this kind of money on a cleanser, and had it not been for my reward and birthday money I would not have done so. The Kimberly Parry Creamy Cleanser is a good example of and expensive cleanser that isn't worth your money. You get 50 ml for $58 and I personally think it does a poor job of removing makeup. On the surface it appears to but when I go back over with a cotton swab and witch hazel I pick up way too much residue. On the other hand Tay gives you 125 ml for $35, almost triple the amount of Kimberly Parry, and I find barely any residue if any on my cotton pad after using it. I love the way it feels on my face and its personally the best cleanser I've ever used. When I got the sample in Petit Vour I immediately went searching for others to swap with so I could get more. This is hands down my top choice for cleanser and one of the best things I've ever received from Petit Vour. 


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