Should You Attend Your High School Reunion?

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I shouldn't have been surprised when I saw this very topic as the basis for yet another addicting BuzzFeed quiz. Even though I have already made up my mind about my upcoming ten year reunion I was intrigued and their questions really hit the issue right on the head. The main point being that you only attend a high school reunion if you are very successful, and this was not the case then, or you are less successful and trying to relive your glory days. This is typically the way we view them and for the rest of us who haven't changed much it can seem a little pointless and this is why:

1. The Social Structure of Your Class Does Not Change

Its a sweet little lie our parents tell us to get us through the years of awkward moments and embarrassment that many of us experience. Its the idea that the popular will cease to be so and that the underdog will rise to the top. The gorgeous looks and petite bodies will morph and widen and the awkward and geeky will blossom. The problem is that its just not true, at least not for the first 20 years of reunions you will attend. Not to mention it perpetuates an attitude that revels in the downfall and misfortune of others regardless if they deserve it or not. The status quo should have nothing to do with what you achieve in life or how you measure your success. Your achievements should not be less important because you didn't "beat" someone else.

2. You Look Exactly the Same

For some this is an achievement especially if we're talking 30 years or more down the line but when its only 10 years down the line its a bit of a bummer. My big change didn't come when I graduated. My change happened sometime in my junior year and was the result of a long process of switching from big round glasses to contacts, losing the braces, growing my hair out long, bleaching the hell out of my upper lip, and getting boobs! Of course I still got razed here and there but I could go through school without being down right bullied. I wasn't smoking hot but I wasn't still being called Magnum P.I. ,hence the upper lip bleaching, or dike among other things. There is really nothing that changed in my appearance to wow people and that's just fine with me. If I wanted to change the way I look I would but I don't.

3. Your Achievements

Now a days can college be considered an achievement? I like to think so cause I've worked hard on my education and will continue to do so until I get that PhD. However, that's not what we are typically looking for when we think of going back to our high school reunion. Unless you won a noble or became a big star it just seems like the same ol' same ol'. That's what happens when you have Facebook people! Ha ha. We see everything our classmates do now and that easy for me coming from a class of less than 40 students.

4. Reconnecting

This is by far the most important reason but it seems irrelevant with Facebook. I'm not knocking real human interaction however taxing it may be. Facebook really helps you figure out how important a reunion is because more often than not you can be pretty satisfied with a Facebook update than a face to face encounter. There are some I'd love to see but probably on a one on one instead. I live relatively close to where I grew up so I run into people all the time and have a general idea of who's doing what.

But this is just the opinion of a once dweeby and awkward high school girl who's still kind of dweeby and awkward. If ya want to check out the BuzzFeed Quiz its right here: BuzzFeed Should You Go To Your School Reunion? Quiz.


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