Petit Vour December Merry & Bright Unboxing

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I was very pleased with the timing of this months Petit Vour box and was so happy it was coming before Christmas. I was a bit disappointed knowing about two of the products that were coming in this months box. I enjoy the surprise and if you're going to learn what you are getting than I think you should have more of a say about color preference etc., otherwise what is the point of knowing? As I understand it Petit Vour is working on allowing customers to customize with their profiles in the future. I really hope this is the case. 

First up is Blissoma Solutions Peace Evening Calming Creme which retails for $25.99 for the full 1 oz on their website. You get .5 oz which puts the value of this little guy at $12.99. The website says the full size will last you a month if applied once daily so you should get around 15 uses out of it. That's pretty good to get a sense of the product and the reviews on the site are encouraging. The ingredient list is long and impressive! Its really chalked full of some good stuff so I will be giving this a try. I also love that it came in a glass bottle with the eye dropper so I can reuse it for when I travel.

Trust Fund Beauty 5-Free Nail Lacquer in Money Buys Happiness $15. The card says $16 but it sells on their site for $15. Its a pretty color but this is the second pink nail polish I have received since I began the subscription in February. I think I like this one better than the LVX and am tempted to try it but the name is so off putting. Why should I care right? Plenty of companies are using names along these lines and Trust Fund Beauty has names like: Your Mans Mistress, Do You Know Who My Father Is?, Nip Slip, Pre-nup, and Pool Boy Toy. I get it you eventually run out of names for basic colors and this seems to be the thing to do but the minute I read the name I was less inclined to use it. If I gave it as a gift I would have to remove the name label simple because I know a lot of family that would feel the same way about it. I can be a real prude but I don't think this is a brand I want to do business with or use.

Meow Meow Tweet Deodorant Cream in Lavender $8 contains some really great ingredients and the company carries a baking soda free version for those who are sensitive. This is a great size for travel and the reviews are all positive from what I can see. I do not have a baking soda sensitivity so I will be giving this a try. They do not carry this 1 oz size and instead carry the 2.4 oz for $13 which would actually put the value under $6 in my opinion. However, we always end up paying more for travel size. 

Everyday Minerals Matte Blush in All Smiles $4.25 I cannot find this shade on their site and think it might be an older color they were phasing out or custom for Petit Vour. The full size retails for $12 and this is 1.7g instead of the 4.8g for full size. Its a warmer blush and personally too warm for me so as I mentioned before I'll be really happy when Petit Vour takes our complexions into consideration as I have received some very unflattering lipsticks, glosses, butters, and now blush. 

The total value for this month comes to $40.24 which more than doubles the $15 a month you invest. I'm always happy with the value I get from Petit Vour and simply trade the items I'm not interested in or use them as little gifts throughout the year.


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