Petit Vour October 2014

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I have been subscribing to Petit Vour since March of this year and have been really pleased with the selection out of all the boxes I've tried. I'm more of a skincare and lip balm kind of gal and typically Petit Vour hits this on the head. There is always one beauty item but I swap on and  and the value of the items is great so I have a good stock pile of items to trade. So for those of you who are new to Petit Vour it is a vegan and cruelty free box with a mix of beauty and skincare products many of which are higher end and you'll always get a value higher than the $15 a month you pay. For U.S. subscribers its $15 a month with free shipping. That value does not change regardless if you pay for 1, 3 or 6 month subscriptions which for someone like me who can only pay monthly its nice to know i'm getting the same value as everyone else. They do not have a referral program so my opinions are my own and I don't get any kick back what so ever and I pay for my own boxes. So lets get started.

The theme this month was Beauty Thrillers and I loved that Petit Vour stayed classy this month and didn't send orange nail polish, or halloweenish colored lipsticks, etc. That happened to me last year with another subscription box and I was really turned off by it. I'm 27 not 7 and I want something that speaks of fall not something costumey. Some people can pull that off but I don't see myself walking in the PTA with orange glitter nails and purple lipstick. Anywhoo there selection was very practical.

Pacifica Devocean Natural Lipstick $14 
Mine is in the color Firebird and since I am not a lipstick kind of gal I will be swapping this. I'm happy about the value though and this alone almost covers the box.

Flo + Theo Body Butter $7 (full size 4 oz $28)
Mine is in the scent Orange Harvest. The container barely weighs anything that is how lightly whipped this product is. It has cocoa butter, shea butter, coconut oil, vitamin e, and essential oils which is really awesome. However, I did apply this to my hands and it is far too greasy for me. I didn't feel like it fully absorbed into my skin and just sat on top. A little goes a long way and may do better on my legs but I think i'll have to make myself use it. 

Forager Botanicals Natural Eau de Parfum- Nectar $0.50 (full size 2 oz $98)
This is a floral, citrus, and honey scent which contains no real honey. Since I have no sense of smell I will use this in a trade and would have liked to see an item with a slightly higher value.

S.W. Basics Skincare Mini Exfoliant 1 oz $12
I'm really getting into the dry scrubs Petit Vour has been sending out. You simply add water which makes them great for travel. This scrub only contains organic oat flour, organic almond flour, and sea salt. I love the packaging and will reuse the container. I get the concept of simple ingredients being elegant but at that price I would probably reorder the Root Science scrub I got last month. Still excited to get another scrub and love this packaging over Root Science's. 


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