The Post Breakup Haircut

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I think most women have had that reaction shortly after a breakup where they get the urge to do something drastic with their hair I sure know I have many times. What you probably didn't realize is that you'll still have that feeling in a long term relationship/marriage. Granted you're not breaking up but those major moments that would have previously driven you to a breakup in a previous relationship can have the same effect. Sure you feel like you're more mature or you've grown in your relationship practices and the truth is you have because it doesn't result in a breakup or divorce however you still need that outlet. Mine has actually evolved a little and sometimes a major issue results in a haircut or the repainting of a room in the house or both! What it comes down to is that need for immediate change and control.  So for throwback Thursday I thought I'd show a few of my relationship post "you make me crazy" haircuts.

March 2007

When I met my husband 7 years ago I had very very long hair but then life happened and he pissed me off a bunch of times ha ha. Actually there is some truth in that but life in general played a part so here it is...


The funny thing is I can't remember what happened that made me chop my hair off in most of these picture which really tells you how traumatic that particular fight was. 


Here it's actually starting to grow out again and by the time I reached my wedding I had enough for clip in extensions.

May 2009

I know its attractive isn't it. This is about 2 days before my wedding so the nice long hair you see in my wedding pic isn't really mine. Thank goodness for clip in's!

Wedding Day May 2009

Look how fast it grew!

Later that year 2009

I was preggo so I have no idea what set me off although i have a few things in mind and some really big fights that may have inspired this short do.

April 2010

This would have been post baby which I believe most mom's get the post baby haircut. It had actually grown out quite a bit if you can believe it so I just chopped it off again.

Fall 2013

Then it grew and grew into this long mess and was actually longer than this just a few days ago.
We've actually been having a terrible time so much so that the post fight haircut took months to happen. I never get them until I feel things are changing however I only had my gal take off 5-6 inches and I didn't get that feeling of relief that I usually do. So I haven't decided if I'm going to keep it at a little past shoulder length or go and properly get that post-fight haircut. Maybe my hesitation or inability to make up my mind says a lot because he still doesn't have my complete forgiveness and somewhere in the future I will disclose the details but for now I do not have the perspective time affords us to glean any wisdom from the experience. 


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