Octonauts Birthday Party

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So I'm a bit behind on a lot of posts especially this one from back in April. With being a full-time student working birthday parties in around school break and family schedules has been difficult but we usually manage something regardless of how small it is. This year my daughter was insistent on Octonauts which I really like. I think many of you know what I'm talking about but if you don't you can find these little guys on YouTube.

My mother did the cake this year and for some reason I baked 4 layers but it actually worked with the seaweed/kelp on the side. Not to get too deep into the Octonauts but it worked well since Shellington (the otter on top of the cake) appears in an episode where they have to clear the kelp fields of sea urchin some Shellington apparently cannot eat due to allergies. So here we have a nice urchin free kelp forest along the sides with large edible cake pearls for bubbles. I think it turned out rather nice even if it wasn't as fancy as some of the ones on Pinterest.

For the wall my mother hung a blue table cloth with streamers for kelp and made paper plate sea creatures. We had a terrible time keeping the animals adhered to the plastic table cloth and my mother was about ready to lose her mind. We tried glue dots, scotch tap, you name it. Had I known what she was doing I may have brought some scrapbooking adhesive tabs that you use to raise your die cuts from the page. I think those would work the best against a slick surface like this. 

My daughter loved the whole thing which goes to show that as a parent you're more worried about the details than they are!

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  1. We are transforming one of our classroom windows into a paper "aquarium." Making all of the sea creatures out of paper plates will perfect for the age group I am teaching and the animal patterns that you showcased are sooooo cute! The children will love the project! Thank you for this clever idea!