Waxing Your Upper Lip

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Ok so this can be an awkward subject for a lot of gals out there and I think the younger you are the harder it is because its something you think only happens to your mom or grandma. I've always had that peach fuzz on my upper lip since I can remember. I was teased in junior high and high school for it and some of the boys called me Magnum P.I. Some would think that was because my dad resembled Tom Selleck but trust me it was all about me and my "stash". Back then you didn't wax because everyone said it would make it come in thicker and darker. I tried creams that would remove the hair but it broke me out so bad I finally gave up. I didn't learn about bleaching until I got out of high school and I've used it ever since.

Bleaching worked for a long time but now, depending on the makeup i'm wearing, it shows just as bad or worse in my opinion. Its all about lighting. So after seeing myself in a penny's dressing room today I decided maybe I should try something different. I looked all over YouTube and I was surprised to see how many gals my age do it and that it growing in thicker was a myth. I thought I better give it a go that's really the only way to find out. For me blogging about this is important because I'm still so sensitive about it and I never should have been. I have poly-cystic ovary syndrome and that can cause you to have unwanted facial hair. A true test of time and confidence will be if I can ever sport a fake mustache like all the girls do. I tried at a bridal shower a few years back but couldn't bring myself to do it. When asked why I just laughed and said "no thanks I had a real one in high school,". At least I can laugh about it now.

So I undertook this diy task of epic proportions. I make my own sugar wax for my eyebrows and that's been easy enough so I thought why not. I was worried about the pain and I had every reason to be. I put the wax on, let it set for a min or so, and then my hand ripped the strip from my upper lip unexpectedly and I believe without my consent. I surprised myself and it may have been completely involuntary I swear. The sensation is like getting slapped in the face, I may have seen Jesus, and I almost wet myself. The sad part is I wasn't even close to being done because the first time you'll have way more to get rid of than subsequent waxings, which is a given. With it all over I'm glad I gave it a try and can't wait to see how it looks tomorrow after the marks have worn off. I'll let you guys know when it starts to grow back how easy it is to maintain and if its coarse or not.

As far as whether you should give it a go I think its up to each person. For some bleaching works wonders and you can't even tell so I'd say give that a go first before you go removing hair. I'm actually glad I didn't do it back in high school, although the bleach would have been nice, I learned to love myself without makeup even if the comments still sting to this day. My grandmother who, God bless her, has a face full of fine baby hair and has since I can remember. She never wore makeup and discouraged me from doing the same telling me I was better looking without it. I love her with it and am so glad she taught me to be happy with myself free from the pressures many women feel. If I wear makeup its for me and nobody else. So this little adventure was also just for me and nobody else. You are beautiful just the way you are. It may sound contradictory given what I did but I went most of my life with it being just fine. Who knows I may not even like it and go back to the way it was. We shall see.


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