Janod Fairy House Floor Puzzle Review

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I bought this Janod floor puzzle for my daughters 4th birthday and it was just too cute I couldn't pass it up. The idea of a puzzle in a hat box had never crossed my mind but it was appealing. So here are the pro's and con's of the Janod Fairy House Floor Puzzle.

The box is adorable and feels pretty sturdy.

The latch is wooden making it easy for little ones to access.

The picture of the completed puzzle on the back of the hat box is rather small and could be a little bigger.

The inside has the Janod bunny logo which is pretty cute.

The actual puzzle is 36 pieces, 24.4 x 36.2 inches when complete. The issue my husband and daughter found when putting it together is that some of the pieces are pretty similar and can fit together with the wrong pieces. Its recommended for ages 4-7 but it may be difficult for this reason. The puzzle pieces are very thick which is nice making them very sturdy. Since it is so large little ones may have difficulty matching the correct pieces since they'd have to stand up to see the whole picture.

Finally if you thought this would be easy for your little one to put away on their own think again. The puzzle pieces have to be stacked in two piles in order to close this hat box. I don't see a 4-7 year old doing that so be prepared to do the clean up. 

Final Verdict: Its very cute but may require extra parental help with assembly and pick up. I got mine for $18 on Citrus Lane so the cost wasn't awful. However, some sites charge upwards of $35 had I paid that much I would have been disappointed. 


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