The Best Onion Rings You'll Ever Have....and Make!

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Like a lot of people I love onion rings when they're done right. I mean we've all had those soggy excuses for an onion ring or the ones that are amazing when your ordered them but forget having them as leftovers the next day! I was extremely pleased when I worked for Applebees for the introduction into awesome crunchy onion rings, with barbecue sauce no less, but I never remember being able to reheat them successfully or the crunch really lasting after your put them in the fridge. Yet I have found the solution. An onion ring that with stands the fridge and will top any onion ring you've ever had, that is if you like them crunchy!

I'm a big fan of Chef John and his recipes, although I find him to a little condescending in some of his blog comment replies, he's still a really good cook. I ran across his recipe on YouTube and you could hear the crunch and I was like I have to try this recipe. So we got everything we needed and it was well worth the effort. After I put in the fridge last night I grabbed one about 4 hours after I put them in the fridge and they were still just as crunchy, I didn't even bother heating it up cause they're that good. So below is the link for the recipe and the video is on the page as well, I'm a visual person.

Here are some answers for some of the common questions/hints, in my own words, so you don't have to read through all the comments.

Do you have to use club soda? No you can use light beer.

Do you have to use potato flakes? No you can add more flour and cornstarch to thicken.

Where can you find Panko? At Walmart in the breading and flour aisle.

Do the Panko flakes need to be a certain brand? No, any brand will work.

Do you need a specific brand of potato flakes? No, any brand will work

Do you salt before or after cooking? Its best to salt after they're done right when they come out.

Which type of onion do I use? Yellow, they are sweeter and typically best for an onion ring.

Do you need cayenne? I couldn't taste it, I think its personal taste but seasoning your liquid batter is a good idea.

Will I become addicted? Hopelessly! :)


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