Honey Butter Caramel Success

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Honey Butter Caramels

The other day I attempted caramels and I wasn't please with the result. I thought they would taste more store bought but better ya know? They weren't as chewy and the flavor wasn't what I was expecting plus I didn't like putting corn syrup in them. So I was on the hunt for a new recipe to try and then I found it and they turned out just like I had hoped only better!


Just follow the recipe at the link above. I read the comments and a lot of people complained about theirs not setting up hard enough. So I cooked mine until the reached about 255 - 260 degrees F. She recommends 248 and not going higher but you've only reached the soft ball stage and I like to get mine closer to the hard ball stage without actually hitting it. They were harder to cut but as they sat out the softened and could be manipulated with your hands if you wanted to shape them in some way. I wanted mine to have a more chewy texture but they weren't hard by any means, my 3 year old was able to chew them but I didn't give her a whole one! So I think you have to play with it a little to learn how you want them to be. I can't wait to try to make homemade turtles with these caramels they'd be a dream!


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