3 Day Diet Apps

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Someone left a comment about a 3 Day Diet App so I went looking.
I haven't had the chance to install any yet but some have really good ratings.

So if your looking for an app to help you follow the 3 Day Diet plan here are some options:

     App Name                            Creator                     Android/Apple                 Cost            

3 Day Easy Diet app                 APP2SHOP                      Android                        Free              

3 Day Diet                              Realized Mobile                   Android                       $1.99            

3 Day Diet                              Realized Mobile                     Apple                        $2.99              

3 Day Diet and 1200               
& 1500 Calories Diets                  Post799                           Apple                         $0.99            

Just click on the name and it will take you right to the app where you can install it. The one with the best rating would be by Realized Mobile on Android. There is no rating for the one on Apple but it is by the same company.


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