Queen Spa Night

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Last night as I was roaming Pinterest I came across a pin that said "Bath Like a Queen" and something about Esther. I was immediately intrigued knowing Esther to be a biblical heroine who just happened to be gorgeous.

To be honest I had been in this frumpy mood lately and I just received some goodies in the mail for my birthday. One was the Fresh Rose Face Mask. It was a deluxe freebie from Sephora that I got along with my other goodies. Upon looking it up on Ebay I saw that my 0.68 oz freebie was going for $15! I wasn't sure that I wanted to waste it on myself.

Then I ran across that pin that led me to the Fancy Little Things blog and a post all about treating yourself like a queen. You can read the post here: Bath Like a Queen. Her spa night is fool proof and you will feel amazing! I didn't have honey for my face so I decided I was worth it and tried the Fresh Rose Face Mask. One word: Amazing! I have really dry skin and before I put on my makeup I typically have to put on lotion twice and then my primer. Before I put it on I used my Neutrogena Wave with the Olay pads. Then I put the mask on and left it on for about 10 minutes. My skin was softer than when I put on my Bare Minerals primer. Its still soft today and I didn't have to put on any lotion. I don't know that its worth $55 for less than 4 oz but its worth trying a sample. The sample size should be good for at least 4 facials I would think depending on how liberal you are with it. Moral of the story: take time for yourself not because you deserve it, cause lets face it we never feel like we do, but because you are treasured and loved and your body should reflect your inner beauty.


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