Photo Fun

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The other day I had some free time and decided to do a few photos with the little one. It never fails my photos don't turn out the way I was hoping and I end up with nothing to show for it. Most people in the family think i'm good at photography but that's only because they weren't there! They didn't see the melt downs and the hundreds of photos where she was simply a blur!                                           So I've found that props are my friend and we just play pretend and I have a better chance of getting a good photo. We also don't tend to think about taking photos of the process of getting ready. We do it for brides as they are getting their hair done and putting on their wedding dress, but we don't tend to take photos of our little girls being....well little girls. We forget to take pictures when their hair is up in rollers (a little dated maybe but not around my house), and when they are trying to put on our lip gloss or what have you. You always see the finished product and sometimes the best pictures don't come when we're finally done making the up because they are so tired of us messing with them.

As you can tell mine are far from being the best but I just though I'd share the idea cause I'm always looking for photo ideas and it never fails the weather doesn't hold up or I don't have any of the props they do. Its not over the top glamorous but so far the family loves it. Good luck!


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