Pumpkin Risotto

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Pumpkin Risotto

This is by far my fav recipe to make for my husband and perfect for this time of year. I had never made a risotto before and after watching this video I feel like i'm a pro! :) This is one of Chef Gordon Ramsay's recipes and I've included a link below so you can view the recipe and watch the video as I am a very visual person. This will never fail to impress guests and its a great time of year to get fresh pie pumpkins to roast yourself. You can't get away with canned here cause you're going to need chunks of pumpkin so fire up that oven! 

Pumpkin Ravioli Success!

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Pumpkin Ravioli 

You can find the recipe at the link below 
Hers look amazing and granted mine don't look anything like hers but I got an A++ from my husband so wasn't to bummed about presentation points :) I actually did not try them, I do not like pumpkin and you'll find a lot of the recipes I put on here I do not eat. I am the pickiest person in the world but I like to cook things my husband enjoys and I don't want my daughter to be as picky as I am!

I recommend cutting the filling recipe by half even if you use both batched of dough because it is a lot of filling!

I reduced the amount of filling after I took the photo because I realized the ratio was off so be sparing with your filling.

I dusted them well and placed them in a sealed container until I was ready to cook them, about an hour later. I had always heard it was cook to do this before cooking them and because I didn't need them for a while it worked out perfectly. As you can see I closed them using a fork to press down but I'm really thinking I should have used a Ravioli Stamp, Large Square, 3" (Google Affiliate Ad) which I'm thinking of investing in instead of a pasta maker.

As you can see I burnt my garlic but otherwise it was a success. 

My husband said it was one of the best thing I ever made so I'm deeming this a success! :)