3 Day Diet. Day 3 Breakfast

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I'll have to admit this feels like a lot longer than 3 days.  I didn't expect to see very good results. The blog claimed I could lose up to 10lbs in 3 days and I lowered my expectations to about 3 pounds. My expectations were really blown out of the water and now i'm thinking I should have taken before and afters. However, I don't feel lighter and I don't think I look it to be honest.  I can note a few differences. Before the diet I felt that the elastic on my undergarments was getting too tight and I'd have to go up another size. Now they feel comfortable and they way I remember them feeling quite a while ago.  So here is my day 3 weigh in and i'll also post a result page tomorrow with my final weight and then after the 4 days of break i'll do this all over again.

Day 3 Weigh In: 148.5

Day 3 Breakfast


1 Small Apple
1 Slice of Cheddar Cheese
5 Saltine Crackers

I can honestly admit I'm not as hungry as I was and usually when lunch comes around I have to make myself eat, but its important to eat everything they tell you because too little calories and you'll loose nothing.

*Disclaimer: This is not my diet plan I am just following it. Check with your doctor before doing this diet and read the blog link provided. I am simply sharing my experience with this diet and not recommending it*


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