3 Day Diet Day 1 Breakfast

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So I am trying this diet I saw on Pinterest that claims you can loose 10lbs in 3 days. Normally I don't go for what seems like a very bold and unlikely claim, however since I was able to read over 4 years worth of comments on the blog I thought why not? After hitting my all time weight of 160lbs at this point anything is worth trying and especially something that won't cost me a ton of money. So here is the link to blog with the diet that tells you what you'll be eating for those 3 days. http://blessedmommy.hubpages.com/hub/Lose-Up-To-10-Pounds-In-3-Days-On-The-3-Day-Diet

Day 1 Weigh In: 158lbs

Day 1 Breakfast


1 slice of Toast ( I went with Whole Wheat)
2 Tlbs of Peanut Butter
Half a Grapefruit (I thought I had picked up Ruby Red...so wrong)
Tea or Coffee (As you can see I had just a smidge of creamer)

I believe the purpose of the Tea of Coffee is that caffeinated as you will have it at lunch as well and then water for the next two days.  I would have picked tea however I did not have any caffeinated tea. I did not substitute anything as I really don't have a huge problem with any of the choices.

*Disclaimer: This is not my diet plan I am just following it. Check with your doctor before doing this diet and read the blog link provided. I am simply sharing my experience with this diet and not recommending it*


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