Flower Fairy Dolls

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My latest craft obsession has been these cute little flower fairy dolls. They are only made from wire, embroidery floss, wooden heads, and faux flowers. I happened upon them last week and already this week I've made over 12 dolls and have learned I might have a knack for it. Although I do custom order for dolls to look like peoples children, my favorites have been my fantasy dolls based on fictional characters. I learned the basics from YouTube tutorials by Emily Lefler from the Untidy Artist but all fictional characters are my original creations. You can check out Emily's tutorials here: Untidy Artist YouTube Channel

Mermaid (my first doll)

Joy from Inside Out (doll for my daughter's friend)

 Brunette Fairy Doll w/ Blue Skirt

Tim Burton's Corpse Bride Emily and Groom

 Tinkerbell Inspired Doll

 Dark Complexion w/ Purple Dress

Princess Zelda from Twilight Princess

Maleficent (2014 version) 

Maleficent was one of my bigger hurdles because I had to figure out how to get the horns just right, attach them securely, and then wrap the entire head. I can't tell if i'm more proud of Zelda or Maleficent but I can't wait to decide what to do next. 

I currently have a fb page called Edmund Designs where you can follow all of my creation: 

I also have an Etsy page where you can purchase my creations or contact me for a personal order: