The Honest Company Haul


So in my move to cruelty free products I've also been looking for more healthy natural products to use which includes the cleaning department. I'd been eyeing The Honest Company for a while and was interested to try their air fresheners, and a few other things, and decided to make the purchase worth my while. Since this was my first purchase I was able to use the 25% off code HONESTLYFAB which I believe is good until the end of 2014. When you hit the $50 mark you get free shipping so your total needs to be about $67 if you are using the 25% off so you get free shipping.

They offer an essentials bundle option in which you can pick 5 products for $35.95 and then you may add 3 products at a 25% discount. Unless your products are over $7 a piece, which many are not, it is not a savings. Many are priced right around $5.95 so make sure if you do bundle to pick the high priced items for your bundle like the body wash. However, I've seen coupon codes for 35% off your first bundle which actually would have made my entire purchase cheaper by around $4 and that's while paying shipping. Had I bundled and used a discount while reaching $50 I would have gotten more for the same amount so do a comparison before you checkout. Here is my invite link if you appreciate my breakdown and you can also get $10 off if you are a new member/purchaser: My Personal Link

So here is a breakdown of what I got.

Air + Fabric Freshener in Lavender Vanilla $6.95 

I wish they had more options but they are using essential oils which I really love. I'm trying to move away from synthetic fragrances and use essential oils for many things in my home already. I would love to see them come out with a disinfecting spray especially for this time of year. Apparently sage is very good for that so I'm sure its possible they just haven't formulated a spray yet or don't have a demand.

Air + Fabric Freshener in Orange Cypress $6.95

Organic Breathe Easy Rub $9.95

I haven't had a chance to try this yet but I wanted something much more natural to replace the Baby Vicks I use for my daughter. I like to put it on her feet to stop her from coughing when she is sick and thought this would be a much better option since it is the Eucalyptus that actually does that.

Hand Soap in Lemongrass $4.95

For the size I do not think I will repurchase as there are many competitors with better prices. I picked up some Method foaming hand soap at T.J. Maxx the other day for $1.99 and although they are not as health, in my opinion, as The Honest Company they have better prices. 

Shampoo + Body Wash in Sweet Orange Vanilla $9.95

This is the one product that actually shocked me. I don't know that I scrolled all the way down to see that it is only 8.5 ounces. That's not squat when you're paying $9.95 in my opinion. I bought this specifically for my daughter so it will last a while but can you imagine a grown adult purchasing this and how long in would last? Especially if you used it for both shampoo and body wash? If they doubled the amount then I'd give the $9.95 but until then I'm either looking elsewhere or seeing how many they'll let me stick in a bundle. (I believe 2 is the max). 

Dish Soap in Lemon Verbena $5.95

I'm excited to see how this compares to Dawn as that is what i'm looking to replace. 

Stain Remover in French Lavender $5.95

I'm very pleased with the amount you get for all of their cleaning products like the stain remover and bathroom cleaner. 26 ounces is a good size as far as I'm concerned. I used it today but haven't actually washed the clothes yet. I was pleased that it didn't give off a horrible chemical presence. I may not be able to smell but I can tell when I'm using harsh chemicals. Method's all purpose cleaner makes me cough and irritates my nose and eyes. Had I known before ordering from The Honest Company I would have gotten and all purpose cleaner as well!

Bathroom Cleaner in Eucalyptus Mint $5.95

This cleaner is much easier to use than the other bathroom cleaners I've used. I don't feel like I'm choking when I use it. I even got in close just to make sure that I'd actually sprayed cause I'm so use to that horrible experience. 

Auto Dishwasher Gel $5.95

Kid's Toothpaste in Strawberry Blast $5.95

My daughter was very pleased with this and she loves the packaging. She talked very enthusiastically about what kind of adventure the rocket ship was going on! She was disappointed that it was white and not red/pink but she got over that pretty quick. The price isn't the worst for 6 oz if I can't find a good alternative. I'm willing to pay more for my daughters things than my own which I'm sure is how most moms feel. 

Grand Total:

$68.50 - $17.17 (promo code) + free shipping = $51.37

Like I said had I bundled I actually could have saved a little more with the 35% coupon. However, I can still use that coupon the next time so its not a total loss. As I mentioned earlier the bundle is only an advantage if you are purchasing items over $7 otherwise you are not saving much or even paying more. 

Again if you're happy with my review and you're new to The Honest Company here is My Personal Link and you can get $10 off your first purchase.