Djeco My Zamiloo Story House

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Today I went shopping/antiquing with my little girl ans we spotting this doll house. It was so adorable and the doll house my daughter currently has is one of those that folds up with no room to put the furniture in the rooms. So I though it was time to upgrade and since they only wanted $18.50 for it why not. 
Before I ever looked at the brand name I knew it was European from the look as well as the material it is made of. Its a covered pressed board and can be completely dissembled. Then I saw the name Djeco which I knew to be French so I was completely sold on it. Plus its so cute right?

I came home to find this is indeed French and called My Zamiloo Story House by Djeco. Its worth about $35 although there are new ones on Amazon for around $135 there is always that one amazon page that has an exorbitant price that doesn't match any current value. I looked on eBay and there are absolutely none selling and from what I've read it is rare but I have no idea how rare. Nor do I know what year it was made.

After looking at other sets that were on French and Spanish blogs I could determine that this set is complete which made me very happy that I didn't have to replace any pieces or hunt down any characters.

All in all I feel like it was a pretty good buy and its quite the space saver at only 12''-18''. Plus if we go to visit grandma and my daughter wants to show it off we can always take it apart and bring it with.

I love that the family is a group of animals and they are all so cheeky! 
This was certainty a win.