The Lemonade Diet Cleanse


The Lemonade Diet

So when I was watching one of my fav shows and guilty pleasures, The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, when the newest housewife Yolanda (one of  my new fav's) mentioned the The Lemonade Cleanse. I looked around and found several different sites with information, some claiming you were just staring yourself and others saying it would cleanse your system while you lost a ton of weight. Here are just some of the few I found:

So basically you are suppose to ease into the diet with day one eating only fruits and veggies as well as smoothies. Day two is liquids only like broth and orange juice. Then you start your master cleanse and drink the lemonade mixture as well as water throughout the day. Oh an did I mention they also tell you to take a laxative every evening? So the lemonade recipe, which you make fresh every time, consists of Lemon, Purified Water, Cumin, & Maple Syrup. You can find the recipe here:

This is the laxative I chose, which is all natural tea cause my system  is really sensitive so we'll see how it works.  I found it in the organic section of my store. 

So this is day one and once I ease into it and then 10 days on the cleanse and 2 days to ease out. I will weigh myself at the beginning of the 10 day cleanse.