Jack Daniel's Honey Bacon Deviled Eggs

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Jack Daniel's Honey Bacon Deviled Eggs


Hard Boiled Eggs
Miracle Whip
Jack Daniel's Honey Mustard
Cooked Bacon 

If you are not familiar with how to make deviled eggs this is what you are going to want to do. Trust me if I can make them so can you.

Boiling & Peeling Your Eggs

You want to take a dozen eggs and place them in a large enough pan so they are all sitting on the bottom and not another egg.  Cover the eggs with cold water and sprinkle in about a teaspoon of salt or less.  Bring the eggs to a boil and when the eggs have reached a boil set your time for 7 minutes and continue boiling the eggs for that time.  When the timer goes off remove your eggs from the heat and cover. I usually let mine set for another 7 minutes or however long it takes me to do whatever else i'm working on.  Drain the water off the eggs and cover with cold water and ice to help make peeling the eggs easier.  I take one egg at a time in my hand and smash the shell with a spoon and then set it back in the water. Once you've smashed all the egg shells its time to start peeling. You just want to lightly flick at the shell and try to get under the membrane which will make peeling easier. The best place to start on the egg is the bottom because there will be a pocket. Some eggs will be easier than others and practice makes perfect. Once all your eggs are peeled you'll want to halve them length-wise  and remove the yolks which you can do with your fingers.

Mixing Your Yolks

Place your yolks in your mixing bowl and smash with a fork. You can also do these next steps in a mixer for smoother creamier filling. Now these next few steps are all about taste but I'll give you some basic pointers.  Once you've smashed your yolks add your Miracle Whip/Mayo until you get a mixture like you see below. You want it think and not too creamy because you still have to add the mustard.

Next add you mustard and keep tasting, you may still need to add a few dollops of Miracle Whip to get it just right. As you can see I still have some chunks of yolk but because these also call for Bacon I wasn't too worried about it. The texture your looking for is kind of the texture of Mayo, thick but creamy.  Then you stir in the Bacon. You can cook your own and normally I would however I got such a great deal on the Hormel Bacon Pieces ($1 !!!) I couldn't pass it up.  

Filling Your Eggs

Because these contain Bacon I can't pipe them like my mother does so here's what I found to be the easiest. Take two teaspoons (your everyday spoons) and get a small portion of your filling on one spoon and then slide it off into your boiled egg white with the other spoon.  As you can see from the picture below I topped each egg with a small piece of Bacon. I did them so people had an idea of what was in them, otherwise it can be a little hard to tell.

So there you have it! Amazing tasting deviled eggs.