Baby Feed the Baby

I've heard it a thousand times: "I gave her a bottle she should be good to go". I started to realize at five and a half month my poor daughter had never received baby food from my husband. When confronted his response: "Where already doing that?". I admit I had to laugh at his obliviousness to the world around him. I had been purchasing baby food for two months or so and we were ready for level two foods! I tried to relay that babies grow into adults and have to start somewhere. Yet the more I have relayed this story the more I find its a man thing!
So many women have said to me their men, for multiple reasons, don't and for quite a while. So how do you get them to realize the importance of introducing solid food? Starve them. Thats right give that man a bottle and only a bottle for a week. Then we'll see what he does the next time he's asked to feed your child. 
No but honestly not every man will do that, but many don't see the importance. When given the choice of receiving a mouthful of food in their face; or the no fuss bottle? Well you see where this is heading. Of course he's going to choose the bottle. Its built into a mans thought process. Solve the problem with the quickest easiest solution. Baby's hungry, must get food, bottles in the fridge, give bottle to baby. That simple. So what do you do?
Your husband will want whats best for your baby. As frustrating as it can be, be realistic that this may take several talks to drive the point home. Notice I said talks and not fights, screaming matches, etc. Men will just shut down if they think they're in trouble. You know how to approach your man when you want something, so do it right. Next when you sit down to explain it to him make sure your child is there. This will drive the point home and you can show him what he needs to do. After all the time you've spent with your child you probably know the easiest and less messy way of doing it. You don't need to go into explaining the food groups and what your child needs. If its easier label their food for that specific meal and it may keep you more organized as well.
Above all things remember to be ready for a mess. Your child is messy and so is your husband. When you husband gets the knack for it; eating time will more than likely become play time as well. So ladies be prepared for it. If your husband is already taking an active interest, and your feeling bold, define the rules for the difference between play time and eating. Otherwise leave it be. Be understanding that your husband will always do things differently than you. Not only that he will help that child break all the rules. Why? Because the little child in him wants to. So save yourself the headache and relax. Keep your original complaint in mind and remember he's doing what you asked. No matter how messy it gets. If it really becomes a huge problem then sorry sweet heart: do it yourself.

Can You Still Play That Card?

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This summer when I was visiting my in-laws a bunch of the family went to the Grand Canyon. Never mind those carefully placed warning signs about climbing. We decided like usual to take our chances and climb down and out to the best views you can get. Fairing well, loosing neither limb nor life, we consider it a successful feat. I took extra pride in this particular trip. Not only had I done the whole thing in sandals (bad idea I know) but I had just had our first child four months previous.
As I was climbing back up my husband gave me his hand; as I had become winded and rightfully so. My brother-in-law gave me a good joshing and my come back......."You push out a seven pound baby and see if you can climb the Grand Canyon four months later". His response "Yea maybe I will". I had to laugh and it made for a good hearted response. Any man knows its a given not to debate a woman on such an issue.
Later, though, when the story was retold my mother-in-law said "How long are you going to play that card for?". At first I was a bit confused. From what I knew mine hadn't expired yet. Weren't you suppose to get a notice in the mail or something? "YOUR MEMBERSHIP TO I GAVE BIRTH IS NOW EXPIRED". From what I knew my mothers hadn't ran out until 22 years later when I gave birth myself. I was under the impression her card on my sister was still good. My mother use to whip that puppy out at just the right moment and it had a good amount of power over my father. I couldn't help thinking as a child how I couldn't wait to get my own someday and what mine could get me. Maybe a years worth of foot rubs or maybe a house?
I must admit my card did treat me well the first few months I possessed it. I don't recall playing it too often, and tried to save up for those special things. I knew it wasn't like a rewards card, that the more I used it the more points I got. And that when played at the right moment it could get more attention that Visa, Chase, MasterCard, and American Express combined. Yet at 4 months it had been brought to my attention that card was expired. So was she right?
What if we were given a week of card rights for every hour of labor? Fair enough right? Than those super perky gals that slept through the whole thing; or can't wait to do it again only get three to six weeks. Then for those of us who had thirty hours or more would get seven and a half months. Seems pretty fair to me. Then by those standards I should have had eight and a half months to pull that card. Then my daughter could fairly say she never heard me utter those words; and had never been guilted for being brought into this world.
So what do you think? How long did you mother play this card and how long do you think you should be able to? Leave some comments and come back for the results.